The FD1070 generates images of fresh, unprepared tissue in real time.  Using 2nd and 3th harmonic generation and 2- or 3-photon excited autofluorescence signals as contrast mechanism, cells, cell nuclei, collagen, elastin and other tissue components, are visualized at an imaging speed of 3 frames per second. The technique works at low average powers (< 5 mW), thus avoiding damage to tissue

An inverted microscope design allows easy positioning of the tissue and makes sure that recording can start immediately, without delay.

Field of view’s  can be programmed in, and can be varied between 100×100 microm2 to 10x10mm2.

Area’s of 10×10 mm2 can be scanned within few minutes at a resolution of 0.4 x 0.4 x 2 micrometer in xyz direction.

The specification sheet can be downloaded here.

Custom nonlinear microscope

Upon request, a modified nonlinear microscope can be designed, with for instance an upright design, different microscope objectives for deeper imaging, or other options. Please contact us to discuss your application with us.