About us

Femto Diagnostics b.v. was started in 2016 by Frank van Mourik, for the development of compact, transportable nonlinear microscopes and for consultancy about the application of non-linear optics in biomedical microscopy and spectroscopy.

Dr Frank van Mourik (Femto Diagnostics bv) has studied the femto-second dynamics of photosynthesis in Amsterdam (VU), Chicago, and Mülheim (Max Planck institute fur Strahlenchemie). From 2000 to 2016 he worked on the development and application of ultrafast spectroscopic techniques and instrumentation for the study of biomolecules, at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Upon his return to the Netherlands in 2016 he started FemtoDiagnostics to exploit his vast knowledge and experience in the instrumentation and techniques of non-linear optics

.foto Frank van Mourik

For the research group of Marloes Groot at the VU Amsterdam we first developed a microscope on wheels that enables “pathology” on excised tissue without the need for fixation and/or staining. By using the contrast mechanisms of second and third harmonics generation in tissue, and multi photon (auto)fluorescence, “pathology quality” images can be obtained within minutes after excision.